Created in Paris in 2017, our Association started as a project which grew collaborating with many artists, brands & other projects.

Yes, we love art & skateboarding!

We promote international upcoming artists, support the Skateboarding culture & raise awareness on Mental Health.


We create events in Paris, Berlin & Barcelona.

We now organize events such as exhibitions, different types of jam sessions, workshops, etc. We also accompany brands, galleries & artists in their growth.

Art exhibitions, skate sessions, open mics, creative workshops, yoga class & more!

Don’t miss our next meetings, register in a few clicks to our association. You will be the first to know about our Art & Skate projects through our monthly “Petite Dépêche” by email.


How? Send us a message using the form bellow with your full name, pronouns, country & email. We will send you a link to pay the 5€ Yearly Membership Fee. Once validated, you will receive your Association Member Card.

“I’ve always been very attracted by people. I love diversity, differences, opposites… Most importantly the acceptance coming from those.

I love art of many kinds & combine it with my love for people. I ended up running SOA Paris with friends, friends of friends & interested beautiful souls.


My name is Jessy N. Marine. I am a skateboarder & art lover”

— Jessy N. Marine

We’re artists & skaters so we highlight the skateboarding scene from different angle.

We created a community full of love (cheesy right?), support & keen to give some help to those who need it.

We connect & promote artists in our community which means our friends, friends of friends, neighbors… Even our high school friends out of sight since the last grade.

In a few words, we’re the plug!

Upcoming Events